APE Strategy

Your Ape. Your yield.
Put your APE to work to receive VEMP and APE.

Receive dual-yield in APE and VEMP
Gain exposure to blue chip NFTs
Compound your tokens for optimal results
Stake APE

Apes Together Strong

When you stake your APE on our platform, we’ll utilize the tokens to purchase other Ape-based assets and playing games within the Ape ecosystem, with assistance from vEmpire’s Gaming Guild.

80% of the profits generated from this strategy are distributed back to the stakers and 10-20% of the profits are used to buy-back VEMP and burn it.

For more information head over to our Whitepaper.

Transparency is one of the tenets of blockchain technology, as such we invite you to take a look at your APE pool contract address:


BAYC Collection

With one of the biggest NFT collections ever, staking APE provides you with exposure to the BAYC collection, allowing you to receive dual-yield from your APE holdings.

Otherside Metaverse

The creators of BAYC and APE token, Yuga Labs has created a new immersive gaming metaverse called OthersideMeta. Staking APE provides you with exposure to any profits from Otherside.

Boost your rewards by compounding your VEMP into our DDAO.

This qualifies you for VEMP APR, voting and submitting community proposals.

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