BNB Strategy

Take part in accelerating unique, innovative and high-growth projects.

Earn dual-yield in BNB and VEMP.
Gain exposure to blue chip assets in the BNB network.
Compound your yield for optimal results.
Stake BNB

How we manage
the BNB pool

When you stake BNB with us we use the funds to invest in promising NFT projects, GameFi and Metaverse protocols on the BNB Network.

You’ll get exposed to high ticket projects like World of Defish, Pirate X Pirate, xMANNA and so on.

How we manage the
BNB pool

We split the profits generated from this strategy by giving 80% back to BNB stakers and up to 20% to buy back and burn VEMP.

Transparency is one of the tenets of blockchain technology, as such we invite you to take a look at your BNB pool contract address:


Why BNB?

Our mission to develop a prosperous metaverse community, to deliver captivating blockchain games, and to further metaverse decentralization took us to BNB. The BNB network contains various promising projects leveraging its quick transactions, low fees, and high network liquidity. We expect leading applications from the BNB ecosystem.

Accelerating thenext big ticket name

Opportunities in the BNB network are endless, be part of it.

Stake your primary yield from the BNB pool on to our platform and receive 15% APR.

Boost your tokens by compounding your VEMP into our platform.

This qualifies you for VEMP APR, voting and submitting community proposals.

Join VEMP’s

Join our Telegram and/or Discord to become part of our community and to stay up to date with the latest news and announcements surrounding the largest GameFi, NFT & Metaverse investments. Get an opportunity.

You can also verify yourself as an official NFT holder to gain access to exclusive channels and features!