BUSD Strategy

Make a big impact, without the work.

Stake your BUSD with vEmpire to receive dual yield
Compound your primary yield for optimal results
Become part of a sustainable strategy
Stake BUSD

BUSD Pool Management

Our BUSD pool is used to swap various tokens without exceeding 5x leverage. Our team’s vast experience in traditional finance has allowed us the ability to take calculated risk when opportunities are presented in the
market, focusing on maintaining a sustainable strategy so we can deliver consistent returns to our stakers.

Benefits of earning
on your BUSD

Make your BUSD work for you with vEmpire’s stable coin strategy, and gain exposure to the metaverse through your VEMP rewards.

Transparency is one of the tenets of blockchain technology, as such we invite you to take a look at your BUSD pool contract address:


Passively earn on your BUSD holdings

Boost your rewards by compounding your VEMP into our DDAO.

This qualifies you for VEMP APR, voting and submitting community proposals.

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