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How we create value

Our mission is to revolutionise the traditional gaming industry by enhancing interoperability, ownership, control, and transparency. We envision an ecosystem of blockchain games operating with our universal token, $VEMP.
By lowering entry barriers, we aim to attract gamers and investors to early-stage projects, enhancing the utility of digital assets and stimulating on-chain activity.

Our product, began as a permissionless financing app for on-chain gaming assets, has evolved into a comprehensive platform featuring a games launcher, a digital asset store, and our original financing platform, offering a fully integrated, customizable UX.

Warring Tribes is a PvP card strategy game, where players can build their deck up to compete against other players.

Launch game

Destroy VEMP Castle is a mini game for browser that simulates warriors trying to invade a castle of which you must defend. Through the warriors away with a flick of the mouse and climb the global leaderboard.

Launch game

Antara: Raiders and Royals is a classic build n' battler game similar to that of the viral Clash of Clans. You can level up your base and raiders to invade and destroy other bases to win ANTT!


Penguin Karts is a cart based racing game similar to the historic Mario Kart. Customize your kart with rare NFTs and race in tournaments to win prizes!

Coming soon