MANA Strategy

Stake your MANA and become part of a community of builders.

Currently paying yields in both VEMP and MANA
Gain exposure to high ticket real estate in Decentraland
Compound your yield for optimal results
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Our Assets

The Forum

The Forum will host some of our unique collections and as well as boutique events for a more exclusive experience.

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The Amphitheater

The Amphitheatre will be home to the most dramatic events, hosting gaming spectacles that everyone wants to see in a roman themed venue.

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The Barracks

The Barracks is where all of our commanders, lieutenants, captains and soldiers will rendezvous and prepare for battle against centralisation.

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Our three assets in MANA, the Forum, the Amphitheater, and the Barracks, will provide venues for cross-metaverse events. With the roman-themed architecture, these three marvels will be a sight to behold.

A little different approach

How we manage the pool

Buy assets

When investors contribute MANA to our Decentraland staking strategy, we pool it together and use it to purchase high-value LAND parcels in high-demand areas that are way out of the price range for the average investor.


Our Decentraland staking strategy has enabled us to raise enough MANA to invest in 5 LAND parcels of varying sizes. We’ve used this land to build virtual Roman architecture and our developments represent some of the most architecturally advanced and beautiful throughout the industry.


Now, multiple of our virtual real estate developments are prepared for monetization through a combination of play-&-earn minigames, leasing, hosting events and potentially reselling down the line. When vEmpire begins to monetize this land, a portion of the profits will be reinvested, with the remaining distributed to our MANA stakers.


We split the profits generated from this strategy by giving 80% back to MANA stakers then the remaining 10% - 20% we use to buy-back and burn VEMP. This strategy enables stakers to passively receive more MANA and VEMP on their MANA tokens.


Transparency is one of the tenets of blockchain technology, as such we invite you to take a look at your MANA pool contract address.

*Q4 Report

How it works

Users stake MANA and recieve VEMP yield in return, the MANA staked is locked in our strategy for a certain amount of time so we can buy assets to gain profits.
The user has the option to compound their yield by staking their VEMP returns in our DDAO for additional yield. This allows the user to earn greater profits from their already appreciating assets.
The staked asset is used to buy NFTs, land parcels and other things related to the metaverse in effort to gain return for our stakers.
The staked asset is used to buy NFTs, land parcels and other things related to the metaverse in effort to gain return for our stakers.
40% of profits get redistributed into MANA for stakers and another 40% gets compounded.

Boost your rewards by compounding your VEMP into our DDAO.

This qualifies you for VEMP APR, voting and submitting community proposals.

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