SAND Strategy

Be part of a community of builders.

Earn dual-yield paid in SAND and VEMP
Gain exposure to high ticket real estate in The Sandbox
Compound your primary yield for optimal results
Stake SAND

Building Empires

We’re shaking up metaverse decentralization with community-driven, technologically-inspired strategies. Our SAND staking pool creates an opportunity to acquire land and develop alluring virtual buildings with Roman architecture and seven wonders of the ancient world, which will serve as the basis of future metaverse activities. 

A portion of the profits from monetisation are reinvested, with the remaining distributed to SAND stakers. This enables stakers to receive VEMP passively on their Sandbox holdings and have access to opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach.

We split the profits generated from this strategy by giving 80% back to SAND stakers and up to 20% to buying back and burning VEMP.

Check out our SAND staking contract:


SAND Estates

Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome holds moments in history!

Relive Rome in the metaverse. Experience thrilling encounters in fighting arenas, marketplaces, stables, gardens, tables, and farmlands while playing hack and Slash.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Experience thrilling sites like The Great Pyramid at Giza, Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, The Lighthouse of Alexandria, and Colossus of Rhodes.

Building empires
inprime real estate locations

Become part of fun gaming experiences and exclusive metaverse events.

Earn dual yield by staking your SAND and receive both VEMP and SAND.

Receive 15% APR on your VEMP by staking in the DDAO.

Boost your tokens by compounding your VEMP into our DDAO.

This qualifies you for protocol profits, voting,and for submitting community proposals.

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