STARL Strategy

Stake STARL and receive
VEMP & STARL yields

Earn dual-yield in STARL and VEMP
Gain exposure to high ticket Starl assets
Compound your yield for optimal results

A STARL Foundation

Staking STARL allows us to obtain Living Modules, Satellites and other metaverse assets in preparation for a future expansive community in multiple metaverse platforms. 

We've managed to acquire some of the most sought-after and rarest assets in the Starlink metaverse, see for yourself!

Here’s our STARL assets on Opensea.

About Starlink

Starlink is an expansive 3D social-universe filled with exploration, discovery, and creation. Artistic expression, gaming, trading, and collecting assets will interact in its virtual world with a blockchain-based economy.

The STARL Metaverse will be an ever-expanding interactive universe based in space, where NFT assets of satellites, living modules, custom spacecraft, virtual real estate, character modifications, and more all interact in a vast virtual economy.

We split the profits generated from this strategy by giving 80% back to STARL stakers and using the remaining 10%-20% to buy-back and burn VEMP.

Transparency is one of the tenets of blockchain technology, as such we invite you to take a look at your STARL pool contract address:


*Q4 Report

A vision beyond the horizon

Immersive gaming
experiences including
an ever-expanding
interactive universe.

Receive double yield by staking your STARL, compound your primary VEMP yield in our DDAO.

Get up to 15% APR when you stake VEMP on our DDAO.

Boost your rewards by compounding your VEMP into our DDAO.

This qualifies you for VEMP APR, voting and submitting community proposals.

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