Accelerating the Decentralized Metaverse

VEMP Ventures is the strand of the wider VEMP ecosystem that deals with the private funding and acceleration of promising Metaverse projects.

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Against a centralized Metaverse

VEMP was formed in an attempt to fight against a collectively centralized Metaverse and to make sure it remains accessible, equitable, representative and fair to all.

Arabian Camels


We believe that the Metaverse should remain a decentralized technology that is controlled by the many and not the few. It’s our mission to ensure that opportunities within the Metaverse remain open for everyone.

Accessible to all

We’ve learned what happens when technologies become controlled and owned by a select few, like Social Media companies for example. That’s why we want to make sure that the Metaverse is owned by the many.

The Sandbox

What Are We Looking For?

What Do We Offer?

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