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VEMP Studios is a Web3 game studio producing a collection of games with interoperability and unlocked value systems.

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What we do

We are Web3 venture builders leveraging our experience in blockchain to build great products


Warring Tribes - Alpha

Warring Tribes is a strategy based card game, allowing players to build their deck and play against other players to earn assets.

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Defend VEMP Castle

DVC is an online browser mini game where you have to through the invading warriors to protect the castle, try to top the leaderboards now!

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Penguin Karts

PGK is a browser based kart racing game much like the historical Mario Kart. Now you can play against your friends and win rewards.

Coming soon

Antara: Raiders & Royals

Antara: R&R, set to release in 2024 is a classic build n' battler mobile game similar to Clash of Clans. Stay tuned for updates!



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Find team mates, compete in one of our regular tournaments, chat gaming and get exclusive alpha in our community channels!